Shine Like The Stars of Heaven

Shine Like The Stars Of heaven, by Alemu Gebeyehu

Have you ever sat to wonder about the glories that the scriptures declare that unfolded following the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ?

In His book Shine Like The Stars Of The Heaven Author Alemu Gebeyehu explores this and brings to light these glories which are people of rare spiritual stature, people laden with heavenly virtues, people with kingdom authority who declare the praises of the Lord across the face of the earth.

It also takes light to uncover the riches of your heritage and implores you to walk with the glories of your heritage. ‘It is impossible for you to struggle in areas of your life where you have true heavenly light’ urges Alemu. He continues to add that light elevates you high and sets you on the platform of freedom so that you walk unchained unhindered and unstopped.


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